Who am I now?

May 12th 2012. Today it’s been 1 month since my surgery. That was maybe the date of my rebirth. A rebirth that began long time ago and made sense around mid June 2011.

A few months before, I had agreed with a friend who lives in New York, to swap houses for 2 months. He would stay in my flat in Buenos Aires and I would stay in his in Manhattan. For a travelling soul as I am, the plan was perfect. I would work from there and get to know New York in detail. I could imagine myself being part of that city, taking my yoga classes, dancing salsa music and rolling along Central Park on my roller skates.

A couple of weeks before my trip, I went to see my General Practitioner because of an allergy. I didn’t want it to disturb me during my stay in New York. As a routine he ordered a chest x-ray. That day of mid June 2011, when I took the result of the x-ray to my GP, everything changed. When he saw it, after a silence that lasted forever and that I will never forget, he said that he found something he didn’t like and ordered a tomography. He said it might be nothing, but suggested me to cancel my trip to New York, just in case. That was 10 days before my trip...

When my plan was to be boarding a plane I found myself, instead, at my GP’s, once more, carrying the result of the tomography. This is how we found out that our suspicion was right. I had a tumor in my left pleura (membrane investing the lungs). It could still be benign, although deep inside me I started to prepare myself for the worst. Another journey was about to begin, a very different one from the original one I had planned, the most frightful I could ever imagine but, at the same time, the deepest and most enlightening one in my whole life.

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